1. censuring, reproachful, op- probious, impeaching, slating, inveighing, reproving, recriminating, reprehensive, reprobative, reprobating; denunciatory, denunciating, railing, cursing, condemnatory, maledictory, anathematizing; berating, upbraiding, castigating, objurgatory, objurgative, objurgating, chastising, chastening, reprimanding, scolding, chiding, admonishing; disapproving, disapprobatory, disapprobative, disfavoring; criticizing, carping, caviling; protestant, protestive, protesting, disputatious, disputative, disputing, contentious, argumentative, altercating, challenging, opposing, objecting, conflictive, conflictory, conflicting.
2. deprecative, belittling, disparaging, demeaning, deflating, derogatory, derogative, derogating, detractory, detractive, detracting; depreciatory, depreciating, devaluating, cheapening, lessening, decreasing, diminishing, bating, attenuating, mitigating; minimizing, underestimating, underrating, undervaluing, beggaring, extenuating, underreckoning, deemphasizing, underplaying; lampooning, caricaturing, ridiculing, mocking, jeering, sneering, jibing; disdainful, derisive, derisory, deriding, snide, contemptuous, scornful.
3. apologetic, regretful, compunctious, sorry, penitent, penitential, contrite, humble, expiatory, propitiatory, supplicatory, remorseful, rueful, self-condemnatory, self-reproachful.

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